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Music and singing for patients with dementia, we are now trialling a service for older people with

dementia and would like your views.

There is no research evidence that singing and music improves the quality of life for people with dementia, however music is a stimulus and can elicit memories, feelings and past experiences. We are hoping to achieve

a stimulating environment for people with dementia where all with musical and singing interests can come together and sing songs and remember significant parts of their lives, or have memory bursts. 

Music and singing for young people within the care system

Morgan-Jenkins Limited are trialling using music and singing with young people within children’s homes and secure units. This will create a stimulating environment for young people and allow them to express themselves through music and singing. The aim of the sessions are to engage young people who have problems with communicating their feelings and opening up to others in order to form meaningful friendships. The sessions are also open to young people who like singing and would like to use the sessions to become more confident about themselves and their voice.

 Contact us at or by  dialling 07920479457